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Įspūdį paliko daugiau nei vienas paveikslas? Prieš priimant sprendimą – norėtųsi susipažinti su paveikslu ar net pasimatuoti meno kūrinį namų erdvėje? Pasimatuoti patikusį paveikslą suteikiama galimybė ir savo namų erdvėje NEMOKAMAI:

Try on art

Modern paintings

Painted pictures in interiors. Myth: Large paintings are only for spacious interiors

Paintings on canvas are not framed, so that the frame does not close the sense of space and depth in the artwork. Although abstract paintings are usually painted large, it is recommended to look at them up close so that the painting does not need to look large. The abstractions invite you to go deeper, and the person looking at the painting becomes the creator, interpreting the work according to the emotions, feelings and energy of the day. 

Collector's paintings on canvas - an exceptional gift

A collectible work of art is a gift that represents exceptional taste and creates lasting value. It is the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, marriage or housewarming, and is often chosen as a gesture to show sophisticated attention in business.