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My inspiration has come about from a need to find a new form of expression, an original language with paint. I'm extremely physical with the work, each painting has layer upon layer of marks, painted out colour and re-worked imagery. The works are all cre- ated out of a need and desire to see work that person- ally satisfies me as a painter. - Eigirdas Scinskas

Contemporary art and abstract painting - it's individ- uality, which is not affected by environmental distur- bances. I paint what I feel, what inspire me as an artist - all real emotions. Pure creativity, flight within inside and feeling of present. Color is an essential element of the painting, but the basic idea is the to convey emotional impact.


Eigirdas Scinskas 1974

Artist Eigirdas Scinskas was born in 1974. Kaunas, lives and works in Vil- nius, Lithuania in his home space. After giving up fashion and portrait black and white photography, Scinskas began to study the field of art: visiting exhibitions, fairs, researching other works of creators. According to him, these studies are part-time and have no end. Since 2013 Scinskas organises annual personal exhibitions in Lithuania and widely outside. Recently in Germany and Kazakhstan. Among these, we can mention the exhibitions "Abstract world" (2015, Vilnius), "Deep Sea" (2018, Kazakh- stan), "Free Swan" (2021, Kaunas, Palanga), " Depth " (2024 Vilnius) and many more in between. During this period, art lovers and collectors both in Lithuania and beyond have purchased almost 400 abstract paintings for their spaces.

Artist Eigirdas Scinskas

Artist Eigirdas Scinskas invites you to discover abstract paintings 

Artist and painter Eigirdas Scinskas presents his modern, large-format paintings on canvas.

Eigirdas Scinskas, who held his first art exhibition seven years ago, says that his art is like a tribute to the world. It's good to see that people are increasingly taming art in their home spaces. For the artist, this is an important appreciation for further work. As the artist says, abstract prints can be difficult to understand at first glance, because everyone's perception is different, and sometimes only the title can suggest the theme of a painting, but thoughts and imagination help to see something else that may not have been noticed before. The multi-layered nature of the paintings also creates a separate story within itself.

Modern paintings. History

"I'm often asked what the story of a painting is. My answer is simple, there is no one story. There is an emotion, and the emotion is perceived by everyone according to how they are feeling at the moment. In this way, one painting takes on many different angles. Then the life of the painting begins, pulsating and unfolding as much as the moment requires. That's the fascination of abstract painting. "

- Eigirdas Scinskas

Eigirdas Scinskas | Exhibitions

Exhibitions featuring abstract paintings by artist and painter Eigirdas Scinskas. 

  • 2021 May ART Compensa "Art Event", Vilnius
  • September 2021 "Free dreams" exhibition. Christophorus Gallery, Vilnius
  • 2021 December "Free Swan" exhibition, Villa Komoda, Palanga
  • 2021 December Free Swan exhibition Kaunas, Gallery Meno Materija
  • August 2020 - September 2020. Solo exhibition at the Temporary Art Gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
  • May 2019 - June 2019. Solo exhibition at Galerie Kampl Munich, Germany
  • December 2018 - January 2019 "Exhibition "Deep Sea" organized by Art Future at Esentai Gallery, Almaty, KZ
  • October 2018 Exhibition 'Free time', curated by L'artiste Gallery in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • September 2018. Exhibition 'Free time' at Temporary Art Gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
  • May 2018 exhibition 'I CAN' at Temporary Art Gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
  • March 2018 Art Future Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • October 2017 - November 2017 Exhibition 'Ocean series' at Park Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • September 2017. Temporary Art Gallery Vilnius, Lithuania, exhibition Ocean series'.
  • April - May 2016 Exhibition 'Abstract world' at Aukso pjūvis Art Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • December 2015 - January 2016. Exhibition 'Abstract world' at Pylimo Art Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • May 2015 'Baltas LOFTAS' Vilnius, Lithuania

No need to understand.
Just feel it.
Colour, emotion, depth.