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Get to know, feel and connect with art before you buy it. Paintings add a sense of fullness, elegance or even sophistication to a home. How do I choose the right component for my space? Read more

Wall paintings

"Try on art" - a chance to see how paintings you like look on your home wall before you buy them. This is particularly useful if you are not able to visit a gallery to see the artwork in person.

Try on art

Try on the art. How do I book a service?

  1. Once you have received your pictures, please put them in cart. Puslapyje „Paintings for sale prie patikusių paveikslų paspaudus mygtuką “Į krepšelį”.
  2. Send to erdvės (-ių), kur norėtumėte kabinti paveikslą (-us), keletą nuotraukų ir nuorodą į krepšelį. 
  3. El. paštu jums atsiųsime nuotraukas, kaip jūsų pasirinkti paveikslai atrodo ant jūsų namų sienos ar net rekomendacijas, ant kurios sienos paveikslas geriausiai išpildys interjero visumą ir geriausiai atliks savo misiją.  
  4. Pagal individualų susitarimą, kartais suteikiama galimybė paveikslą pasimatuoti ne tik virtualiai, bet ir su pristatymu į namus. Dėl individualaus pasimatavimo – Contact us at


An artwork fitting is a great way to understand which modern mural fits your interior, as well as which artwork on which wall of your home will be the most revealing and valuable.


Abstract painting creates depth and a change of personality in the interior. I'm delighted that more and more stylish people are choosing paintings or other works of art for their home spaces.

Free Fitting

ContactWe can measure the paintings you like in your space.


"I'm often asked what the story of a painting is. My answer is simple, there is no one story. There is an emotion, and the emotion is perceived by everyone according to how they are feeling at the moment. In this way, one painting takes on many different angles. Then the life of the painting begins, pulsating and unfolding as much as the moment requires."
- Eigirdas Scinskas