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Series of paintings

How are abstract paintings born?

On quality wooden frames a real canvas is covered with a multi-layered oil paint that takes up to 2-3 weeks to dry. Each abstract painting matures with timewith the author's different moods, each time adding new touches and, as a result, experiences for the viewer of the painting. Read more


What are abstract paintings?

Abstract paintings, like abstract art, are an individual human experience that visually opens up inner sensations and emotions. The fascinating thing about abstract paintings is that when we look at them, our minds and brains are always trying to replicate what we see and to pinpoint what it might be. This process is the peace, meditation, harmony and relaxation that an abstract painting brings to a space. It is for this reason that it is important to understand that although the title of the work suggests the subject of the painting, its mission is to allow the mind and imagination to see something new each time, to discover, to know and to enjoy the process. Read more

Art is my language.

When choosing a painting, the priority is the inner state of mind when looking at an abstract painting. What do I feel? How will I feel when it hangs in my house?

Free Swan exhibition

Meno materija, Griunvaldo g. 8, Kaunas

Free Dreams exhibition

Gedimino prospektas 64a, Vilnius


Abstract painting at home - TAKE A LOOK AT ART

"See the Art" is a service that gives you the opportunity to see live, even in two ways, how an abstract painting will look in your home space.

How do I try it on?


  • Visit the online gallery, like the ones you like most, and add them to wishlist, wish list.
  • Please send this list, as well as a photo(s) of the space where you would like to hang the painting(s), to us by email (active link) .
  • Get photos of your chosen paintings virtually living in your interior. This will make it much easier to get a feel for which painting should complement your family members'

Large abstract paintings only for large spaces?

Abstract paintings have the characteristic of needing to be seen up close. The depth created by the different textures creates a kind of ecstasy that you don't want to leave, so don't be afraid to compose a large painting into a space and don't create a distance barrier, let the painting become a full part of the space. For those who want to try on the painting not only in a photograph, but also to experience it live, it is possible to bring the paintings you have chosen to your space for a live viewing by arrangement.

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