art exhibition jellyfish eigirdas

Touched by Physalia physalis

There was a story behind it, but I personally only understood it now. This is how life is driven by itself, with plenty of magic and paths if you believe in it and let things flow with the intention that everything will be exactly as it should be.

Many years ago, I was walking along the seaside in Miami with my muse and the love of my life, Monika. I saw a beautiful, pinkish-blueish creature on the sand, thinking it was just a simple jellyfish. I touched it with my foot to move it back into the ocean, but it stung me painfully. I still have a scar from that moment. 

Since then, jellyfish have somehow found their way into my abstract art. Initially small, they have grown in scale over time, much like in life where the more you focus on something, the more significant it becomes.

Large-scale vibrant abstractions are a hallmark of my work, characterized by painterly depth. In some pieces, I find meaning in purified forms, while in others I experiment with various techniques and objects: stencils, crayons, splattering, smudging, and rubbing paint. Color plays a pivotal role in my paintings. For me, it’s just the canvas, the chosen colors, and myself participating in the creative process. I am constantly searching for unique color harmonies and not only prepare the canvases meticulously but also mix the paint myself.


Artist Eigirdas Scinskas was born in 1974. Kaunas, lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania in his home space. After giving up fashion and portrait black and white photography, Scinskas began to study the field of art: visiting exhibitions, fairs, researching other works of creators. According to him, these studies are part-time and have no end. Since 2013 Scinskas organises annual personal exhibitions in Lithuania and widely outside. Recently in Germany and Kazakhstan. Among these, we can mention the exhibitions “Abstract world” (2015, Vilnius), “Deep Sea” (2018, Kazakhstan), “Free Swan” (2021, Kaunas, Palanga), “ Depth “ (2024 Vilnius) and many more in between. During this period, art lovers and collectors both in Lithuania and beyond have purchased almost 400 abstract paintings for their spaces.


My inspiration has come about from a need to find a new form of expression, an original language with paint. I’m extremely physical with the work, each painting has layer upon layer of marks, painted out colour and re-worked imagery. The works are all created out of a need and desire to see work that personally satisfies me as a painter. – Eigirdas Scinskas

Contemporary art and abstract painting – it is individuality, which is not affected by environmental disturbances. I paint what I feel, what inspires me as an artist – all real emotions. Pure creativity, flight within inside and feeling of present. Color is an essential element of the painting, but the basic idea is to convey emotional impact.